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About Omega Capital Advisors

Why are we successful?

We know the marketplace! We structure your proposal to meet the specific requirements of lenders we pre-select as likely to be receptive to your needs. We work with commercial and private lenders, venture capitalists, hedge funds, family offices and other investors on a daily basis. This gives us an up-to-the-minute knowledge of their industry preferences, risk tolerance, deal size and dozens of other factors that can affect the success of a deal.

Our understanding of the language and parameters employed by the lending community facilitates accurate communication between you, the borrower, and the lender.

We understand the lender's thinking process, and design our strategy to meet their requirements and expectations. We know what information lenders need to make decisions, and we make sure we present that information to them, fully and in the most favorable possible light.

We pride ourselves on ongoing relationships with both clients and lenders.

What can Omega Capital Advisors do for you?

We can help you achieve your financial and business goals quickly and efficiently, even when banks and other lenders have turned you down.

Plus, members of our staff are available to you on a consulting basis, to help you foresee and forestall any future financial problems and accelerate your growth.


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